Medrano Irazu Winery
Medrano Irazu Winery


The first wines from this winery cameout in 1985. Their purpose was to become the best of their kind in La Rioja, and the prime material, the methods used and the care put into every step of their production supports this goal.

La materia prima, los métodos utilizados y el cuidado puesto en todas las fases de la elaboración del vino nos hacen pensar que esto va a ser así:

  • Aged vineyards have been used; over thirty years old and of several indigenous varieties.
  • The careful harvesting of the grapes in crates of 18 to 20 kg. and the low-capacity trailers ensure that the grape itself isn’t damaged.
  • The following selection of grapes is done bunch by bunch.
  • The fermentation process is controlled by frequent analysis.
  • The product is tasted daily.
  • The wine is directly poured into the barrels.

If the wine doesn’t meet the rigorous standards of the winery it’s sold in bulk, and not bottled.

The winery was certified in 2005 with the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 standard for its design, production and aging of wines that have the denomination of origin in Rioja.


01. Harvesting is done at the end of September and the beginning of October.

02. The wine harvest is always done manually; in plastic crates with a capacity of 12 kg, or small trailersholding no more than 2500 kg.

03. We’ve moved away from traditional methods and use the most modern ones to achieve wine of the highest quality.

04. Fermentation is always done at low temperatures and with periodical pumping.