Medrano Irazu Group
Luxury Spain


Luxury Spain is a non-profit organization which forms a part of the National Registry of Associations in the Ministry of Interior. Their aim is to bring together professionals from different Spanish companies and luxury brands.

Bodegas Medrano Irazu has been selected to join Luxury Spain due to the quality and style of its products.

Luxury Spain Association


The goals of this Association are the following:

01. Promote Spanish brands at a national and international level.

02. Internationalize Spanish brands; put them on the map, get them into new markets, selectively distribute them, global exportation and consolidation

03. romote the Spanish luxury brand industry to make the most of and share in the collective knowledge, experience and resources of other members.

04. Lobby to exchange ideas, defends the rights and interests both inside and outside the European Union.

05. To act as a source of background information about the luxury brand world and offer clients information about the superior quality of the goods and products produced in Spain.

06. To protect the image, name, creativity, innovation, level of service, distribution, “savoir faire” intellectual property.

07. Identify and fortify Spanish companies that produce high quality goods or services but don’t have the necessary means to promote themselves to the point of reaching a national or international market.